Welcome to Super Laundry’s pickup reservation service!

Through our service, you can schedule a pickup for your laundry on the Helsinki metropolitan area. Both new and existing customers can Log into the service using your phone number; we will send a login confirmation code via text message.

Our driver will arrive within the scheduled time frame. We will come directly to your door when we have the exact address and any necessary entry codes. We will call from the location if we can’t access the door. After washing, when all the textiles from your order are ready for return, we will call you separately to arrange a return time. Payment upon return can be made with a card or cash; our driver will have a payment terminal with them.

Cleaning time for rugs approximately 10-12 days; jackets, curtains, bedding approx. 7 days; other clothes and textiles 4-5 days.

Pickup and return within ring road 3 (Kehä-3) at a combined price starting from 16€.
Outside ring road 3 (Kehä-3), but within the Helsinki, Espoo, Vantaa area, starting from. 26€

You can trust us; we take care of your textiles as if they were our own! We use the latest washing methods and have years of experience in the field. We source our detergents exclusively from eco-certified suppliers, and they are odorless and hypoallergenic. Our deliveries always arrive at the agreed-upon time.